Ukraine joined the EOSC Governance Board


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Governance Board (GB) is a formal working-group of the H2020 Strategic Configuration of the Programme Committee running until the end of 2020.

Its main task is to strategically advise on the implementation of EOSC by reviewing, endorsing, and orienting the work of the Executive Board.

All 28 Member States and 10 associated countries have delegates sitting in the GB (82 as of today).

The list only shows data for which delegates’ consent has been obtained. ‘Vacant’ indicates that the country does not yet have a delegate in the GB. ‘Undisclosed’ means that the country’s delegate(s) have not (yet) given their consent for public disclosure of name and country/professional affiliation.


Ukraine: Cheberkus Dmytro,  Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine