VO Registration

           The document describes the process of enabling a Virtual Organisation (VO) on the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and the parties who are involved in process execution. Users of EGI are organised into Virtual Organisations (VO). A VO is a group of people (typically application scientists and application developers) who share similar interests and have similar goals and who need to work collaboratively and/or need to share resources (e.g. data, software, expertise, CPU, storage space) through a grid infrastructure regardless of their geographical location. The focus of this document is on the tasks that VO representatives and the EGI staff have to accomplish in order to register and validate a new VO on EGI. The goal is to capture the VO registration workflow so it can be executed and further improved by user communities and by the EGI staff. At the moment of writing this workflow is closely coupled to the implementation of the CIC Operations Portal (http://operations-portal.egi.eu).